Robotic lawn mowing

Conventional mowing causes enormous CO2 emissions. For example, a year of mowing a soccer field has a footprint of 1000 kilograms CO2 per field. By using our robotic lawn mowers this can be reduced enormously and in combination with green electricity the footprint will be zero kilograms!


Robotic lawn mowing has much more advantages:

As the robots can mow 24/7 the grass becomes stronger and will grow denser. The ground becomes fuller as a result of which there is less chance of damage. A full turf gives little chance for weeds to grow. This results in a saving of weeds suppression.

Mulching prevents grass from accumulating which you frequently see with conventional mowing. Mulching also ensures a natural and environment-friendly manner of fertilizing.

24/7 MOW
The robots reload themselves independently and drive out on scheduled times. This is possible 24 hours per day 7 days a week. The robots are very quiet as a result of which they can be used during the night. Therefore, there is no problem using the field intensively during the day.

Robotic mowing saves on CO2 expel, weeds suppression, fertilization, sowing, sweeping and also, very important, on the costs.


Advantages of our robotic mowers

  • Milieuvriendelijk
  • CO2 besparing
  • Continue maaien (24/7)
  • Mulching (minder bemesting nodig)
  • Sterker gras, vollere velden
  • Geen spoorvorming
  • Kostenbesparend