About us

Green Ranger

Green Ranger is a result of an interest in the business of robotic lawn mowers and as an answer to the problems which we encountered in that market. Our team exists of 5 soccer enthusiasts and we all know the great importance of a solid sports ground.

There is a huge range of robotic mowers for smaller surfaces up to 3000 m2. However, concerning machines with a larger capacity the selection is much smaller; these robots are large, heavy and expensive in purchase and maintenance. The obvious solution; several small, lighter robots working as a team. As this solution appeared not available yet, we decided to develop it. First, an extensive test has been done by our garden machine professional Dennis. Honda Miimo has appeared to be the best and most suitable. With this machine as a starting point our MR2M has been developed and passed the most extreme tests and is now available!

We like clarity and offer our robotic mowing concept as a Package Deal. All components needed for a dealer to create a perfect soccer field are included (robots with track and trace + installation material and user guide).

Green Ranger can help every club to set up a team of robots on each field, and in your own club colors.